Hi everyone! its been a month now since i last post a blog in this little page of mine. I've been busy with my life this past few months. Everything is so fast, i got a job, been busy in it for 5mos and then now end of contract:) ha ha! time fly so fast.

 I never get the chance and the time to update my where and what about with my life on my page in that 5mos. but well since I got nothing to do now, I'm pretty sure that i have so much to haul and blog about with my free time.:) 

Well to starts with, I would like to introduce whats my page Pepperminties is all about. this page blogs and tackles about my Self. Yes! all about me:) hehehe chos! I blog about the things that i like ex. food, places, dress, shoes, cute things, makeup,recipe etc. Because for me this Little blog of mine  is my Little world where i can express my self, without worrying what the other people would say, what the other people would think etc. (haha). 

I could express my likes about, and where about. My love on make up. my love on foods. my love on dresses. my love on shoes. my love on cooking. my love on everything:) I will try my best to enhance my blogging skills hehe. and i hope everyone that will  view my blog learn a little bit on what is im blogging about. Please Join me in this little paradise of mine. feel free to comment, show your violent reaction, but please don't hate ok? hehehe. 


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