Eye POP!

Hi candies! I just want to share my whats find item. 
to start with, here is my new 9pcs palette from Rihao. I got this eyeshadow palette from my tita in hongkong. She Send items like earings, necklace, notebook, rings etc.that she will be selling here in ph. Luckily she included some make up in the package. and i bought these two lovely eye palette.

Reason why i bought this one, is i was captivated with its color black shadow and the shimmery violet. This is perfect for my night out make ups and best in creating a dark deep eye set makeup.
This is what i created using my 9 pcs. eye palette from rihao.
Next up is Another eye palette. I bought this one because of its shimmery blue, green, violet color:)

This is best when your creating a classy shimmery look.

 Made this look using the Eye shadow palette above. looks like a eye candy color.

I so loooooving it:) so cute.
Looks like my eye are popping hehehehe.:) 


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Shayne ♥ said...

i like the colors you used on your eyes on that 4th pic :)

kaye♥ said...

thanks you miss shayne ♥ :)

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