porky wrap. MAshita!

Me and my sister love Korean dishes so much. But eating in Korean restaurant is so expensive. so we decided to bring Korean food into our home. Here we made our own version of Pork lettuce Wrap( a very popular korean food)but with a touch of filipino. 

RECIPE of our own Pork Lettuce Wrap.
1/4 K of pork
2 bundle of lettuce
1 pc. of carrots
4 pcs. of small red onion
1/4 k of bean sprout
1 can of Livers spread
soy sauce
salt & pepper.

Sliced the pork in small cube or strips. Marinate the pork with soy sauce and kalamansi. season and taste it with salt and pepper. (if you like it spicy do as you please) Marinate the pork for about 30 mins. best if you can marinate it for overnight. 
liced the Carrots & onion into fine julienne, (just like what is shown in the photos) Wash the lettuce to get rid of the slippery or waxy thing. wash the beans sprout also.

Since we don't have the same stove top grill  that korean restaurant used when grilling or cooking (e.i pork, kimchi, veg.etc) we came with this improvise stove.:)(oven pan + electric stove)
preheat the pan and sizzled with oil.
Saute the marinated pork.

add the bean sprout on the other side
we seasoned the beans sprout with salt and pepper before sauteing.
so while cooking the bean sprout will absorb the sauce of the marinated pork and flavor to it.
 Once done sauteing the pork and beans sprout, Get one lettuce leave, put small amount of beans sprout, sliced onion,  sliced carrots, pork and liver spread on top of the pork.

 Fold the the lettuce from the bottom first, right, left and then the top.

And this is how you eat it. You eat it whole. putting it in your mouth like this.

best during rainy days or when you juts to chill out and have some bottles of beer.:)


Vicky Hoang said...

this looks absolutely delicious! <3


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