Haul: My mini haul last May

Hi Candies!

This was the stuff that i bought last may. I failed to post this last month due to our internet connection has problem. But please allow me to share this mini may haul of mine to you. Okay, lets start!
this are the random  stuff that i bought on the month of may, most of them are beauty products.
First is this hand lotion from GLAM that i bought from Watson Guadalupe. It comes with this small container. 

what i love about this lotion is its not sticky when you apply it on your hands. It was like your rubbing a water like lotion in your hand. plus i love its Green tea smell. 

Next is the Juicy Lips Lipstick that i bought from nichido. it comes in  this cute pink packaging

 Sorry for the blurred caption.
 What i don't like about this lippy is when you apply it it was so creamy and a little bit oily? i think. that's how i describe the feeling i got when i'm using it. But overall i like it. specially its color. (sorry i forgot what color is this :) hehe..

 Next, I bought this watch in Guadalupe for 100php. i love its style. you don't need to spend to much on accessories just to be fashionable. If you can find fashionable stuff even in affordable cost. go for it! Aja!

I also bought another color for i find them cute hehe.

next, Pore refining whitening toner from BELO ESSENTIALS. i would like to give it a try since i'm looking for  a good face toner. 
Next is a new brush from Elf . This is my first time to have a brush from Elf. Most of my brush id from Ever belena and Marionnaud.

Next is this Lip and Cheek tint from Glam.

Next is this Whitening Scrub Salt from YOKO Made from thailand. It said that it will withen your skin within 7 days of use. Specially on you Armpit and Bikini Area. Because of curiosity i bought  it. According to the Instruction once use you will feel that your skin will become smooth. Which i agree. After applying it and rinse off i felt my skin become soft and smooth. but while using this product it also comes with this stingy feeling.But other than i notice no more unusual that irritates my skin while  using it.
and also when i bought this it also comes with this cute violet nail polish  from My beauty for free.

this is how it looks when you open it. it has this strong smell that i cannot describe but not to strong and still i can handle to smell at.

 Next, is my nose pack from i white. i love this nose pack for it can true remove my blackheads and white heads. this is very helpful and affordable.

the other product that i love from Iwhite is their Facial Moisturizing Wash. i love its after use fresh feeling every time i use it. 

Next, is my favorite moisturizer from MYRA-E

Next, is this great BLUSHER from SHAWILL. I love its color it compliments with my morena feature.

It comes with small blush brush. and small mirror when you flip it.

Next, is this carrot cream from MY CHOICE. maybe because of impulsive buying and also out of curiosity i bought this and the other remaining product below. i haven't try this one out. 

 It comes in a small container.

Spa Salt also from MY CHOICE

and last the MY CHOICE Pure herbal Soap Natural Black cumin. i love its smell. every time i bathe and use this i love its refreshing smell.

that's it! :) hehehe. this is my first time posting a haul hehe. i hope i'm just ok-ok being a first timer tee_hee! ;P
how about you guys? what your great find on the month of may and june?


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