photo grid photos:)

one of the application that i love on my android phone is the photo grid apps. and these are some of the photos i did using photogrid.

Rainy Madness Collab Giveaway!

Rainy Madness Collab Giveaway!

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Product Arena byCelline08 Giveaway!

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Peachy Pinks Sisters Give away!

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2Ne1 falling inlove inspired makeup

Hi! Its been decade since i last posted an entry here In my blog! Keke... but i want to share to you my falling inlove inspired makeup to you. I cant get enough of this song. It keepa playing in my head heheheh..:) so i decided to create a makeup look inspired by its title hehe. How was it? :)

I'm One of a Kind:)

Mini Haul for the Month of June :)

Hi everyone!:)
I just want to share my product finds for the month of June. Last week while browsing my news feed on Facebook for any beauty updates, giveaways, or new blog update from the people that i follow on I stumbled on the Facebook fan page of Rattus Choki and saw his post about his new brush set that he bought in Landmark in Makati for i think 150.00php or 120.00php? I'm sorry i can't remember the exact price but its not more that 150.00php. And i was like "WOW!".  I immediately hit a comment on his post and asked him if where did he bought the affordable brush set, since that time i was also looking for a new brushes that will fit my budget but will not sacrifice the quality. And then  he said he bought it in landmark and like that place was like a beauty heaven for beauty addicts where you can buy stuffs for a fair and affordable price. I was just near the area but i don't usually go there. So i was surprise when Rattus said that. Because of excitement and curiosity i immediately went there the next day. When i finally  went there, the mall seems like on sale on their beauty products and other stuffs and there were many people buzzing around, strolling, looking for what's good buy. And then i just grab a basket and do the work:) hehe.. so to start with here's the product that i bought from landmark:

here are the brushes that i bought for affordable prices
 I bought this powder brush from Artist Studio for only 99.00php. Its bristles was very soft and its handle was like in matte and has its brand name in it.

Brand name was on its handle
 It has two color, one is Silver and this is the other one bronze. I choose bronze because for me it looks more classy and sophisticated


Artist Studio Accessories Powder Brush
 Next is the Concealer Brush for 49.75php

to be honest i don't usually use concealer brush when applying concealer under my eye. I'm more comfortable of using my ring finger and apply it on dab motion. but i just need to buy my self a new concealer brush just in case of emergency he he...:) sometimes i use concealer brush as an eyeshadow brush.

Artist Studio Accessories Concealer brush

Next is this Small Contour brush for 44.75php
I don't have one yet so when i saw this it was straight on my basket he he..
Its bristles is very intact and soft. 

Next is, the Eye Crease brush i bought for 59.75php. I never had one of these. i saw these from one of the tutorial of Jen from  head to toes and she used these on her crease and it has this great effect, since then i wanted to have one for my self. when i saw it on the section of artist studio i grabbed it and put it on my basket after checking on it.

top view

Artist Studio Accessories Eye Crease Brush

next is  the Slanted Eyebrow brush for 49.75hp.
Except for shaping  eyebrows, i think this brush is also great as a brush for Gel Eyeliner. Its perfect for that wing shape.

Artist Studio Accessories Slanted Eyebrow Brush

Next is Blending Brush from Fashion 21. I already have one but i decided to bought another one for back-up since  i really love these brush. Its Bristles is very soft and great as a blending brush.
Blending brush from Fashion 21

Ok! Eyelashes from Hollywood Eyelash. I super love eyelashes specially  those natural and dramatic effect lashes. maybe because my lashes are short and thin. So wearing Eyelashes is my great escape in wanting a Look thick lashes. the design that i picked from Hollywood eyelash is their Cris-Cross design.
 Next is this container from Amie Magic Beauty. I bought this one for my lipstick that are broken. Instead of throwing them away why not make them like a lip or cheek tint.

 It comes with a small spatula. i think its for flattening maybe?

 Next is a Bundle that i bought from fashion 21. i think when i bought this they were on promo and sale. And i choose this one. It has a Eyebrow pencil, Blusher in Mystic Coral Shades and Lipstick.

 first is its lipstick, The reason why i bought this bundle is because of this great shade of lipstick. it comes in Carnation shade perfect for my Morena Skin tone.

Net Wg. 4g
Here are the Swatches:
without flash

with flash

Next is the Blusher, honestly this is not my type of shades but since i don't have  any pink shades yet i just consider it like a plus on the package.

 it comes with a small blush brush and a small mirror
It comes in mystic Coral shade

 Here are the swatches:
 this is perfect for mestiza skin tone.
 Last is its Eyebrow pencil. I like this one because its perfect for eyebrow shaping. it has a thin color layer, and you have to stroke more to achieve you desired color for your eyebrow. At least you can adjust it.

 Here are the swatches:
(from L-R 1 stroke, 2 stroke, 3 stroke)
 Next, is Loofah for removing dead skin ^_^

and tada! that is my june product find for the month of June.:) how bout you?