Cute earrings :)

Hiyyie,:) bought these cute earrings for Php 10.00 only :D

guitar earrings

yellow buttons earrings

crown earrings

Dice earrings
(my fave)

mustache earrings :D
(this also!)
its always feels good to buy stuff in such a cheap price but have a good quality and style. you just have to be patient in finding this kind of stuff.


eDonG said...

wohoo! I didn't know you into this blogging thing ha! Hope we could exchange thoughts, classmate?


Febby Kaye said...

Omg! You too!? Oh yeesss dear i love to blog:) welcome to blogging world ateng:)

Febby Kaye said...


eDonG said...

so true Ateyy! Oy fab make up prowess mo ha in fairness : ) Try mo saken mga minsan hehe

kaye♥ said...

ai like!!!! i set mo yang date na yan at nang matry ko na sau..:)

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