copy cat.:D

I tried to copy this look,
and this is how it turned out to be. haha! how was it? the make up above is for double eyelids. since i'm a mono eyelid i don't know if  i can give justice on it. But i end up having this look. not bad eh? hehe. the blue green color i used in this look is the closest color that was in the pic. above. On my crease area i applied a copper like color on the center of my mini eyelid and smudge it outside. 

 below, you will notice that one of my eye has a visible eyelid. this is the effect after my eye operation.

Same old.Sophie.:)

This is also one of my previous make up looks that i wanted to share. in here you can see that i'm a little bit comfortable wearing the false eyelashes. pyahaha^_^. 
 This look represent my idea of being Sophisticated 

 Love the my lashes in here. Falsie gave extra dramatic effect to my look.

same old, same old

Just want to post the previous make up look that i did before. In these photos my eyes looks uneven because that time the cyst detected on my right eye haven't been remove yet. Moving forward, in this picture below the falsie is starting to fall off. haha! twas my first time to wear/use a false eyelashes and i feel a little awkward wearing it.
 I created this look using a gold and chocolate like color eye shadow to represent summer.:) 
 this pic. is a lil' bit awkward because i'm wearing a duster.:D

These look is definitely perfect for me during summer. minus the outfit haha^^

Aside from make-up the one thing i love to do most is....reconstructing old t-shirt into a more fashionable, new look style without sewing it or what but by just using a good pair of scissor. Here's one of my example.

me.  hello eye bags.

on may way back to makati. 

Me and my sister is doing a photo shoot every Sunday. and in this photo I was scheduled to be the model for that day(can't remember the exact date). I love my curly peg in here. hehe. 

Since i have nothing to do i decided to practice more on my make-up skill and this is the look that i come up with.:)
mono lid make-up.

sorry don't have any pic. of how to achieve this look.

what yah think?hehe. 


I want you to meet my boyfriend. he's the God of thunder. we're in LDR. :D hahaha. 

tortillas con carne

me and my boyfriend made our own version of tortillas. we called it "tortillas con carne". mixture of diced tomatoes, diced red onion, cabbage sliced fine julienne, saute ground pork and sliced cheese. this is how it's look like before we wrap and oven it.

this is how it looks like after. fresh from the oven. yumm! just perfect.

Good Dog.:D

Goodmorning kiss for "tisoy" (our dog) sorry he's a little bit camera shy. and snobbish too haha!


I love my mothers' W900(cherry mobile) phone. took his photo in her cp camera. without editing it. i'm thinking of buying one for my self soon.:)

Ever since i'm obsess with make up. when i was in my elementary days i remembered i always grabbed my mother's Eye make up and put it on my face. mixed and matching the colors that is catchy in my eye. Back then as i see my self in the mirror i thought i was beautiful, not until i grow up and realize i look like a clown. haha!. But as i grow up things change but my passion for make-ups remained. when i entered my college day i became more open on applying make-up since it is needed on my course, to always look presentable and professional. Through that, i'am able to practice and enhance my skill. They say that girls that wears make-up has a fake beauty which i don't believe. For me, yes simplicity is beauty but there's nothing wrong in enhancing that beauty through make-up. Most people feel they're beautiful when they put some make up on. not only beautiful but it also boost there self confidence. also,putting on make up is my way of releasing my stress in my every day life.

Moving forward, before I don't know how's the proper way of putting eye shadow. how to use eyeliner, what's the right blush on for my skin color etc. Since i'm too eager to learn more about this craft i watched tutorials on you tube everyday. From there,  step by step and little by little i learned all of the things i needed to learn when it comes to make up 101. the Picture above, shows my progress on applying make up( can't post any previous make up I've done before since i don't have any photos of it hehe.)