GLAM: lips and cheek tint.

This is my  first Lip and  cheek tint from GLAM WORKS. I bought this from watson in Guadalupe for affordable  price of
75.00php. When i saw this i was like "wow, di nga? ang mura naman". sorry i don't have a picture while it's inside its box. but anyways, it comes in small clear container. Its color is peach pink.
 Here are the swatches:

more closer look of it.

how it looks on my lips w/ flash
 closer look of it with flash
 without flash

Apologies for my alien face and pose here kekeke.. but this is how it looks on me. i love it for my lips look fresh and pinkish from afar. plus, i love its smell peachy ::) i also applied it on my cheek but the i have not captured the clear color. or maybe because i applied only small amount? anyway this is great for a just fresh look or if you want to be sweet.

Night eye makeup look.

Hi Guys! i just want to share this night make up look.

out of nowhere i just grab my make up stuff began coloring my face and tada! this is the out come. hehe... in this picture im not yet wearing a false lashes.

waiting for the glue to dry. 

here are my finish looks.

Regarding to the hair style you can just lay down your hair or make into a bun.
sorry for my inappropriate get up while taking this picture.

Make-up used on my face:
Shawill Concealer
San-San BB Cream
Rihao 9 palette eye shadow
Angelique brown & black eyeliner
Shawill eyebrow powder kit
Shawill Blusher Mystical coral
Hollywood Eye lashes